Free Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement Download

Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement with security deposit receipt is a legal document. This template is a WA month-to-month agreement, but it contains the provision for the contract for more than one month. This lease agreement elaborately explains the terms and conditions, which safeguards the rights of the landlord and the tenant. Both the landlord and the tenant sign this rental lease agreement as proof to accept all terms and conditions of this agreement.

Steps to Fill the Washington Month to Month Rental Lease Agreement

  • At the beginning of this contract, a date with the day, the month and the year are mentioned. Names of the landlord (from now on called the “owner”), and the tenant (from now on called the “resident”) are mentioned along with their full residential addresses.

Lease Term

  • This rental lease agreement provides both options, month to month rental lease, and more than one month. The start and end date in both the cases are mentioned. In case, the period of lease is more than one month, the agreement will automatically revert to a month to month basis, on the expiry of the lease period. However, the owner has got the right to terminate this agreement on the expiry of the lease agreement.

Rent Details

  • The details of monthly rent include rent, parking charges, storage lockers rent, and any other charges. The total amount is payable on the date mentioned in the agreement, and on the address given by the owner. The rent, not paid on due date, will be considered as default. The owner has the option to adjust this unpaid rent from the security amount, deposited with him.
  • The owner may impose late payment charges for any up-paid rent. These charges are mentioned in this agreement.
  • The Rent may be increased any time during a month to month lease on a 30 days written notice.
  • For any dishonored check, the owner will levy late charges, and the owner will receive the future payment in cash.
  • The landlord may give a 3 Day notice to vacate to the tenant.

Security Deposit

  • The amount of security deposit is mentioned, which the resident will pay to the owner. This amount will remain in a trust account. The name of the bank and its full address are mentioned. The resident will not apply for adjustment of rent from this deposit.
  • The leftover amount from the security deposit will be sent to the resident at his given address within 14 days of vacating the residence.

Other terms

  • The resident agrees to pay an amount, mentioned in this lease agreement, which will be used for the purposes discussed herein. This amount is non-refundable and can be used towards recovering unpaid rent, charges or fees. The resident signs this clause as acceptance of this clause.
  • If the resident misplaces the keys, he will arrange to open the doors and get duplicate keys at his expenses.
  • The owner will provide at least one carbon monoxide detecting device. The resident will be responsible for maintaining this device after occupancy.
  • The resident will not use this property for any commercial purposes, even if it is allowed by the law.
  • The owner may mortgage or grant deed of this property to any party. The resident will accept such an agreement and will abide by the terms of that deed.

Eviction Terms

  • Any notice of termination shall be by written notice of atleast 20 days before the end of any monthly rental period.


  • The resident:
    • Will permit the owner to display any sign of “for sale,” or “for rent.”
    • Will not display any signs or placards, except allowed by the law.
    • Owner will not provide window screens, and if these are already available, the resident will maintain these.
    • Will not install a waterbed without the written permission from the owner. In case of any damage due to waterbed installation, the resident will repair it at his expenses.

Additional Documents Required With This Lease Agreement:

  • Property condition checklist.
  • Move in checklist.
  • Lead-based Paint Pamphlet.
  • Lead-based Paint Disclosure Addendum.
    • Mold Handout.
    • DPD Landlord – Tenant Law Summaries & attorney General’s Landlord-Tenant Summaries.
  • A Rental Application may also be required by the Landlord for screening the tenant.

The tenant will sign this clause as proof of receiving the above documents.

Optional Addenda and Attachments:

  • Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Satellite Dish Addendum
  • Pet Addendum
  • Smoke-Free Addendum
  • Others

This Washington Month to Month Rental Agreement is in accordance to the Washington State Law  Washington RCW §§ 59 – Landlord and Tenant.

Washington Landlord and Tenant Laws