Free Florida month-month rental agreement Download

The Florida month-month rental agreement is a legal binding document between the landlord and the tenant.  The agreement benefits both parties as it is flexible, offers short term commitment, and protects both the landlord and the tenant.  Both the landlord and the tenant must oblige to the terms of the agreement which are set in regards to Florida laws § 83.57.

Steps to Fill the Florida month-month rental agreement

Steps to fill month-month rental agreement

At the beginning of the agreement, date of entering an agreement and the name of the landlord and tenant is filled.  The country and the street address of the property to be leased are also filled.

The lease term

The commencement date is filled as well as the lease terms whether it is month to month or a given term.  The termination date is also mentioned and the rent to be paid as well as the acceptable forms of payment and the address and name for the payment.

Security deposit

The amount of security deposits to be paid b the tenant which should be returned upon termination without interest.  The Financial Institution where the payment should be made is also filled.

Other terms

The next paragraphs outline the term of the lease and obligations to be followed, which ranges from the use of the premises, the condition of the premises, improvements to be made as well as available utilities.

Tenant’s holdover terms and the amount to be paid is filled as well as the number of pets allowed in the premises and the pet deposit amount to be paid.

Late charges and notices

  • There are late charge fee if the tenant fails to make payments three days after the agreed date, which should be filled at this section. The address of both the tenant and the landlord should be filled, which can be used for notices that are permitted by the law governing the agreement.
  • Additional disclosures and provisions about the premises and as required by the federal or Florida laws should be mentioned. Lastly, the landlord and the tenant’s signature should be filled to seal the agreement.

Florida month-month rental agreement is an important document that helps the landlord to screen their potential tenants as well as protect both the tenant and the landlord as stated under the Florida laws. It is essential for both the parties to understand the requirements of the agreement and act accordingly.