Free Washington Apartment Lease Agreement Download

Washington State Apartment Lease/Rental Agreement and Security Deposit Receipt is a legal agreement, and also a security deposit receipt.

All terms and conditions are elaborated in this lease agreement, along with the personal information about the landlord, the tenant, and the property.

Steps to Fill the Washington Apartment Lease Agreement

Personal Details

  • The date, month and the year are mentioned. Full address of the property is given including the name of the city and the State. The premises may be an apartment, a piece of land, portion of a house, or part of a complex.

Agreement Type

  • The lease agreement may be on a month-to-month basis, or for more period at a stretch. In more than one month, the start and end dates are mentioned. In case the agreement is more than a year, all signatures to be neutralized, and legal description of the property to be attached to this agreement.
  • In case the agreement is other than a month-to-month basis, then, either
    • (1) On the expiry of the lease agreement, either the lease will become on a month-to-month basis on the same terms and conditions, or may be amended by the landlord on 30 days written notice, or
    • (2) The agreement will not be changed into a month-to-month basis, and the tenant will have to vacate the property.

Rent Details

  • The amount of rent and other charges are also mentioned in this lease agreement.
  • The rent will be paid on a specified date of each month at the address given in this form, or at a designated place by the landlord.
  • The rent not paid on the due date will be viewed as a breach of the agreement, and the owner has got the right to adjust such rent along with other charges from the security deposit placed with the landlord. The landlord may increase the rent at any time by giving 30 days’ notice in case of month-to-month agreement.

Non Payment

  • If the tenant does not pay the rent on time, charges mentioned in this agreement will be levied. The tenant will also bear fees for un-cleared checks. The owner may serve a vacation notice to the tenant, and the tenant will pay the charges for such notice.

Security Deposit

  • A deposit of a fixed amount mentioned in this agreement will be kept in a trust account with the bank, the name and the address is mentioned in this agreement.

Terms and Conditions

  • The tenant will comply with all the conditions of this agreement. The tenant will repair all wear and tear due to the use of the property. The tenant will bear the cost of any damages made to the property during its use.
  • The tenant will deposit non-refundable fixed amount which will be used to meet the expenditures specified in this agreement.
  • The tenant will pay the last month rent along with any pending dues.
  • Application and screening fee is non-refundable, and this amount is mentioned in this agreement.
  • This agreement can be a termination by giving a 20 days’ notice by either party. If the tenant vacates the property before the expiry of the notice, he will pay the rent for the notice period.
  • The tenant will inspect the property before taking possession, and confirms that it is O.K. in all respects. The tenant will bear all the damages made to the property while in his use.
  • The tenant will arrange and maintain a smoke detector, and he or his representative will not temper with such equipment.
  • This premises will not be used for a purpose other than residence. The tenant will not sub-let this property to anybody. He will give the names of other members including minor residing with the tenant.
  • The tenant will maintain all utilities in good working conditions and will pay the bills regularly without fail.
  • If the owner fails to hand over the possession of the property on time, the rent will be calculated from the date the possession is handed over. The rent, in this case, will be calculated on a daily basis. All other conditions of the agreement will remain intact. If the possession is not handed over within ten days, the tenant may terminate the contract by giving written notice. All amounts paid to the owner will be refunded to the tenant.
  • The tenant will not keep any pet except service animals specified by law.
  • Washington laws govern this agreement, and any suit will be filed in Washington. The prevailing party will bear the fees of the attorneys.
  • No clause of this agreement will be waived off, whatever the case may be.
  • The temperature of the water to be maintained below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The rental area consists of the exterior access ways, interior corridors, etc. The owner is not responsible for any damage or injury to the tenant and his family members by any outside party. The owner is not liable to provide personal security to the tenant and his family members.
  • The owner has the right to mortgage or sell this property, and after the sale of the property, the new owner will be responsible for all obligations of this agreement.
  • This is the sole agreement, and there is no oral agreement in addition to this agreement. No clause and the terms of this agreement can be amended or finished.

Tenant Obligations

  1. Pay the rent and other charges promptly.
  2. Execute the revised agreement on request.
  3. Keep the temperature of water at a level to prevent leakage of the pipes.
  4. Properly dispose of garbage at regular intervals.
  5. Not do damage to the structure or its accessories.
  6. Not to install a waterbed or satellite dish without the written approval of the owner.
  7. Permit the owner to display “for sale, for rent,” or any other signs.
  8. Not make any alteration to the building.
  9. Comply with all laws of the country, State and city.
  10. Not use this property for any commercial purposes.
  11. Not to display signs, except permitted by law.
  12. Regard the peace by himself and by his guests.
  13. Maintain license for all motor vehicles.
  14. Ensure the safety of all residents of the area.


  • If the fire or flood damage the property, the owner will repair it promptly. If the repair is made while the tenant stays on the premises, the rent will not decrease. And if the resident cannot occupy during the restoration, the rent will reduce.
  • List of the documents to be attached to this agreement is mentioned in this agreement.
  • At the end of the agreement, the owner and the resident sign this agreement.

Washington Title 59 RCW : Landlord and Tenant