Free New York sublease agreement Download

The New York sublease document is that it establishes an agreement between a sub lessor who is the original tenant and a sub lessee who is the incoming tenant.  The New York Tenant/Landlord Laws allows the tenants to sublease with the landlord’s approval. The sublease agreement must be at least 30 days, and the incoming tenant should uphold the terms and conditions of the original tenancy.

Steps to Fill the New York sublease agreement

How to fill the New York sublease agreement

At the beginning is the date of the sublease.

Parties’ details

  • The name, address for notice and email address for both the over tenant and subtenant.
  • The landlord’s name, address for notices, and the terms of the original lease from the beginning to the ending. A copy of the original agreement should be attached.

The sublease terms

  • The beginning and expiration of the agreement.
  • The address of the premises.
  • The use of the premises which should be residential purpose only.

Rent and other charges

  • An indication of the total sublease rent as well as the amount to be paid every month by the incoming tenant.
  • A description of services and utilities to receive during the sublease agreement and the amount to be paid for them.
  • The security deposit to be paid by the subtenant. The original tenant holds on to the deposit and returns once the subtenant moves out.

Other terms

Other terms in the agreement explain the following:

  • The agreement to lease and pay rent
  • The obligations of the subtenant as well as the over tenant
  • landlords consent
  • Subtenant’s authority not bestowed as well as change can only be made when there is a written and signed agreement.
  • Cancellation of the sublease agreement
  • Once the document has been filled with accurate information, both the over tenant and the subtenant indicate their names, signatures, and date.

New York sublease document is a simplified document which caters for a short term lease agreement. It is incredibly flexible for both the parties and work efficiently when the laid out term is followed. Both the parties should ensure they understand the laws governing the agreement and carry out their obligations as stated.