Free Florida Sublease agreement Download

The Florida sublease agreement is a legal document between a sub lessor (original tenant) and the sub lessee (incoming tenant) giving the later the right to move in a premise and pay rent when the original tenant is gone. It is a temporary agreement that must follow the Florida sublease laws in Chapter 83 of Florida Statutes.

Steps to Fill the Florida Sublease agreement

How to fill the Florida sublease agreement

The name of the subtenant and the tenant is filled on the top of the agreement in the first section.

Property details

  • The name of the property and address as well as exclusive uses of the premises and the access granted as per the agreement.
  • There is also a list of the furniture and appliances as agreed.


The date which the subtenant the properly until their last day is filled. The subtenant also agrees to pay a security deposit of a given amount which should be returned ten days after he or she vacates the premises.

The rent details are filled in regards to the amount to be paid on a specific date and the place to make the payments or the address to mail.

Other terms

The agreement has a list of terms in regards to the utilities, damages, and what the subtenant is responsible for during their tenancy. There are also set rules and regulations that the subtenant is due to oblige as per the agreement.

Additional provisions are listed, and they should go hand in hand with Florida laws.

Sealing the agreement

The subtenant agrees not to transfer the sublease without prior written consent and also to abide by the agreed terms and conditions dated on the agreement day.

The tenant’s name, permanent address, telephone, email, signature, and a witness name is filled. Similar details are required for the subtenant. The landlord only fills the name, telephone, and signature. A copy of the original lease to the sublease is necessary and should be attached with the agreement once every section is filled.


It is essential to understand that the sublease is a temporary agreement that can last a few months or for the duration of the original lease as per the agreement between the tenant and the subtenant.  The Florida landlord/tenants laws do not prohibit subleasing, but it is essential to have written consent from the landlord before engaging in the subleasing activities. The tenant should not sublease the property if the original agreement with the landlord prohibits subleasing.