Available Agreement Types

New York sublease agreement

The New York sublease document is that it establishes an agreement between a sub lessor who is the original tenant and a sub lessee who is the incoming tenant.  The New York Tenant/Landlord Laws allows the tenants to sublease with the landlord’s approval. The sublease agreement must be at least

New York Rental Application Form

The New York rental application form enables the landlords and property managers to assess potential applicants as tenants. Using the information given by the applicants, the landlord can determine whether one a viable tenant or not. The New York rental application form must be written in regards to the New

New York Month To Month Rental Lease Agreement

The New York month to month rental agreement is a legal document binding the landlord and the tenant. The agreement is renewed monthly as long as the rent is paid on time, and there is no reason to vacate the premises. The agreement is written as per the New York

New York Basic Rental Application

New York Basic Rental Application

This is a Basic Rental Application designed in accordance with New York Real Property Law, Article 7 §§ 220-238 and similar statutes in other states. It is to be used when a tenant applies to lease a residential premises. It provides basic information and authorizes the landlord to perform the necessary credit