Free California Sublease Agreement Download

The California Sublease Agreement that can be used in conjunction with a California rental lease or a California lease agreement. It is to be used when a tenant creates a sublease in order to rent to a subtenant.

Steps to Fill the California Sublease Agreement

  1. Enter the date of the sublease agreement, the tenant’s name, the subtenant’s name, and subtenant’s current address.
  2. Enter the address and a description of the premises.
  3. Enter the sublease term length as well as the sublease start date and the sublease end date.
  4. Enter the base monthly rent and the date on which rent is to be paid. Enter any prorated rent that is to be paid upon the execution of the sublease.
  5. Enter the security deposit amount. Subtenant and tenant agree to be bound by the terms of master lease regarding the terms of the security deposit.
  6. Indicate how the premises will be used.
  7. Tenant agrees that the premises are in compliance with local codes and ordinances, and subtenant agrees that the premises are in satisfactory condition.
  8. Subtenant and tenant agree to be bound by the master lease. Enter landlord’s name. Attach a copy of the master lease. No changes can be made to the sublease without consent of the landlord.
  9. Subtenant agrees to pay broker’s fees. Enter broker’s name and the fee amount.
  10. The prevailing party will be entitled to recover attorney’s fees, if necessary.
  11. Indicate any additional provisions.
  12. All parties agree that the sublease terms will be subject to California law. Enter the appropriate county.

California Law

  • California Civil Code § 1951.4
  • The tenant, the subtenant, and the landlord must sign and date this California Sublease Agreement, which complies with California Civil Code § 1951.4.