Free California Student Sublease Agreement Download

The California Student Sublease Agreement subject to a California rental lease or a California lease agreement. It is designed for a student roommate situation and it has been created to comply with California Civil Code § 1951.4, which allows a tenant to sublease. It covers both the financial and other aspects of cohabitation.

Steps to Fill the California Student Sublease Agreement

  1. Enter the tenant’s name and the subtenant’s name.
  2. Enter the address of the premises.
  3. Enter the sublease term, the sublease start date, and the sublease end date.
  4. Enter the monthly rent amount. The subtenant agrees to pay the tenant directly.
  5. Enter the security deposit amount.
  6. The subtenant agrees to provide thirty days’ notice to terminate the sublease. Re-enter the sublease termination date.
  7. Indicate the total number of tenants, whether bedrooms are shared, and whether other living spaces are shared.
  8. Indicate conditions for overnight guests.
  9. Enter percentage of utilities that subtenant will pay.
  10. Indicate division of household chores.
  11. Indicate quiet hours for household.
  12. Indicate conditions for alcohol and tobacco use.
  13. Indicate conditions for parking.
  14. Subtenant also agrees to comply with master lease. Enter landlord’s name. Tenant agrees to provide thirty days’ notice if master lease is terminated.
  15. Indicate condition of apartment.
  16. Subtenant agrees not to further sublease.
  17. Subtenant and tenant agree that the sublease is complete and binding and that all changes will be made in writing.
    1. Both the tenant and the subtenant must sign and date this California Student Sublease Agreement in accordance with California Civil Code § 1951.4.

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