Free Texas Sublease Agreement Download

The Texas sublease agreement is a legal document that is written with the approval of the landlord allowing a tenant to sublease the premises.  The primary responsibilities stated in the original agreement between the landlord and the tenant, and the new tenant is bound to follow it. According to 91.005, the tenant cannot sublease the property without written permission of the landlord or stated in the agreement.

Steps to Fill the Texas Sublease Agreement

How to fill the Texas sublease agreement

Both the parties agree to keep and uphold the terms as stated in the agreement. The name of the sublessor and the subtenant is filled as well as the address of the property.

The lease terms

  • The beginning of the lease and the amount to be paid.
  • The date of payment as well as the person to receive the payment or the address.
  • The termination date and there shall not be any holding over under any circumstances.

Utilities and other terms

  • All the utilities paid by the original tenant under the agreement shall be handed over to the subtenant for payments.
  • Terms and conditions of returning the items within the premises are indicated in this section.


  • The amount to be paid by the subtenant as a deposit.
  • The amount to be returned by the tenant minus reasonable wear and tear and it should be returned within 30 days after the subtenant moves out of the premises.


  • An inventory form to be provided by the tenant to the subtenant within a given number of days.


  • This section allows for a list of other provisions if they are available.
  • sealing the agreement
  • The date of signing the agreement
  • The signatures of both the sublessor and subtenant
  • If the subtenant s under 18 years, the guardian should fill the name and signature giving consent.
  • The date and the landlord’s name.

Additional documents

  • Original Lease
  • Inventory list

The Texas sublease agreement allows for flexible and short term tenancy, while the sublessor is away. Both the parties should understand the roles they are playing and adhere to the set terms and conditions for a smooth tenancy within the given period.