Free New Mexico 7 Day Notice of Non-Compliance Form Download

The New Mexico 7 day notice of non-compliance, also known as the CV-06 from is a document that highlights the violations and nature of a breach of an agreement by a tenant.  The landlord is allowed to serve the form to the tenant for violating the terms that are within the jurisdiction of New Mexico State per NMRA Rule 4-902 and Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act. The form should also be written and follow the laws under § 47-8-32. If the breach is not remedied with seven days, the landlord and the tenant will have to terminate the rental agreement between them.

Steps to Fill the New Mexico 7 Day Notice of Non-Compliance Form

How to fill the New Mexico 7 day notice of non-compliance form

  • At the top, fill in the tenant’s name and the address of the premises.
  • The premises where the non-compliance took place, which is a description of the place and address.
  • The date when the non-compliance occurred and description the non-compliance in details.

Served notices

  • This section indicates which kind of notice is being served: either the first notice or the second. The landlord should mark within the box that applies.
  • With the first notice, if the non-compliance is not corrected within seven days, then the rental agreement is terminated.
  • The second notice indicates when the tenant was first served notice, and the rental agreement is terminated within seven days after issuance of the second notice.
  • Date and signature of the owner, agent, or resident.

Mode of serving the notice

The Service of Notice when the notice is delivered to the tenant by including the method of delivery and the date in which it was served. It can be in the following ways which should be ticked appropriately:

  • Personally delivered to the resident
  • Posted
  • Mailed certified mail, return receipt requested

It is vital to understand that it is not ideal for a landlord to use this form to serve an eviction for nonpayment of the rent.  It should also be served in a legally acceptable manner for it to be valid.