Free Washington Three Day Notice Pay Rent Vacate Download

Washington Notice to pay rent or vacate is a notice, which the landlord serves to the tenant in case the tenant fails to pay the rent for more than one month.

Steps to Fill the Washington Three Day Notice Pay Rent Vacate

  • Notice to pay rent or vacate is addressed to one occupant. In case of more than one occupant, the name of each occupant is to be mentioned in the space provided for this purpose.
  • Names of the occupants, along with their complete addresses (address of the occupied property) are mentioned at the beginning of the notice.
  • The rent period and the amount for that period is to be mentioned in the given spaces.

Explanation of Terms And Conditions

  • The notice warns the occupant to either pay the rent within three days of receipt of this notice or vacate the premises.
  • The notice instructs the occupant to pay the rent within three days after the notice is served. Otherwise, the tenancy will be canceled. In this case, the landlord will claim all damages and penalties allowed to him by the law.
  • The notice further elaborates that in case the tenant receives more than one notices, every notice is to be considered as a separate one. Each notice should be followed individually. In the same way, the deadline of each notice is a different deadline. The deadline in another notice does not mean that the deadline of this notice is extended by that notice.
  • The tenant must comply with the instructions of each notice separately.
  • To comply with one notice does not mean that the compliance to the other notices is waived. The tenant must follow the other notices separately, and individually.
  • Date with month and year is to be mentioned at the specified space.
  • In the end, the name of the landlord or his representative is mentioned along with the complete address.

Washington Title 59 RCW : Landlord and Tenant

When he or she continues in possession in person or by subtenant after a default in the payment of rent, and after notice in writing requiring in the alternative the payment of the rent or the surrender of the detained premises, served (in manner in RCW 59.12.040 provided) in behalf of the person entitled to the rent upon the person owing it, has remained uncomplied with for the period of three days after service thereof. The notice may be served at any time after the rent becomes due;