(5) Agreements For Download

New Mexico 7 Day Notice of Non-Compliance Form

The New Mexico 7 day notice of non-compliance, also known as the CV-06 from is a document that highlights the violations and nature of a breach of an agreement by a tenant.  The landlord is allowed to serve the form to the tenant for violating the terms that are within

New Mexico 30 Day Notice to Terminate Form

The New Mexico 30 day notice to terminate form also known as the CV-108 form is a legal document used either by the landlord or the tenant to advice on termination of a lease agreement. The document should be written in line with the New Mexico state laws sections 47-8-33,

New Mexico Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement

The New Mexico exclusive right to sell Agreement is a document that enables a real estate agent or a broker to represent an individual when selling the property. The Agreement grants the real estate agent orb the broker the responsibility of selling the property in question and getting a commission.

New Mexico Land Lease Agreement

The New Mexico land lease agreement is a legal document which binds the landowner and the tenants when it comes leasing farmlands in Mexico.  It is prepared in accordance with the state laws and covers all aspect of the tenancy and allows farmers to grow. Steps to Fill the New

New Mexico RedDoor Storage Agreement

The New Mexico RedDoor storage agreement is a legal document that Is used when entering into a tenancy of the RedDoor storage unit. These storage units come in various sizes and do not require a long period of commitments of the tenancy. The document is essential as it helps capture

Security deposit and return policy

New Mexico laws call for a reasonable deposit amount. The landlord is not allowed to ask for more than one month’s rent as a security deposit for less than one-year rental agreement according to § 47-8-18(A).

When it comes to returning the security deposit, the landlord is given 30 days to make the return after the termination of the agreement according to § 47-8-18(D). However, under § 47-8-18(C), the security deposit can be used to pay for utility and rent owed or cover for damages caused by the noncompliance of the tenant.

Required disclosure for New Mexico State

The disclosure highlights in detail the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord is required to disclose the name, address, and contact of the person acting on their behalf to manage the premises or work on their behalf, as stated by § 47-8-19.

Section § 47-8-20 and § 47-8-22 highlight the duties of both the landlord and the tenant respectively highlight the utilities to be provided and what is required of both during the tenancy period.

Late fees and other rent rules

According to § 47-8-15(B), the rent should be paid on the due date, as stated in the lease agreement.  In case of late payments, the late for a fee should not exceed 10% o teetotal rent for a given term.  The landlord must also provide the late fee charged, not later than the last day of the following month after default has occurred according to  § 47-8-15(D).

If the landlord fails to provide essential services and uphold their delegated duties, the tenant is allowed to withhold the rent as stated in provisions § 47-8-27.1 and § 47-8-27.2.

Termination and eviction rules

The termination rules depend on the lease term. The fixed end date does not require notice as it simply expires. Section § 47-8-37(B) and § 47-8-37(A) requires a 30 day written notice for the month to month lease while the week to week requires seven days written notice respectively.

Section § 47-8-33A allows the landlord to issues a seven-day written notice for lease violation so that the tenant can either remedy or quit.  If the notice is issued as a result of the second instance due to noncompliance within six months of the first violation, then the landlord is obligated to provide an unconditional seven-day notice.

A good understanding of the laws pertaining to a lease agreement is essential as it allows the landlord and the tenant to have a mutual understanding and act accordingly during the entire period.