(5) Agreements For Download

Texas Sublease Agreement

The Texas sublease agreement is a legal document that is written with the approval of the landlord allowing a tenant to sublease the premises.  The primary responsibilities stated in the original agreement between the landlord and the tenant, and the new tenant is bound to follow it. According to 91.005,

Texas Residential Lease Agreement

The Texas standard residential lease agreement is a legal agreement between the landlord and the tenant for residential property. The agreement follows the Texas state laws, – Residential Title 8, Chapter 92. It provides terms and conditions that are to be followed by both the parties as well as protects

Texas Rental Application Form

The Texas rental application form is a legal document that is used by property owners and landlords to get information on their potential tenant for verification. The information given should be accurate to ensure that the reviewing process is smooth. The Texas rental application form should also follow the set

Texas Month To Month Lease Agreement

The Texas month to month lease agreement is a legal document binding the landlord and the tenant, which allows the tenant to rent a given premises every month. This agreement is written according to Sec. 91.00, which requires the landlord or the tenant to provide a written 30-day notice in

Texas Commercial Lease Agreement

The Texas commercial lease agreement is a legal document binding the landlord and the tenant of a commercial rental property.  The tenant signs either their name or the entity’s name for the property that will be used for retail, office, or industrial space. This type of tenancy is for commercial

Security deposit and return policy

In Texas, there are no statute for a maximum security deposit, security deposit interest, separate security deposit bank account, and the pet deposit and additional fees.  The landlord is, however, expected to return the deposit to the tenant within 30 days after the termination of the lease agreement.  According to 92.104, the landlord is required to provide a written description or an itemized list of damages and charges.

Required disclosure for Texas State

The disclosure highlights the obligations of the landlord in which the landlord must identify in writing the same, contact information, and address of the owner of the property as well the same for the property manager.

Section 92.014.5 allows the landlord to remove the personal property of a deceased tenant 30 days after sending post-market certificate notice to the stated point of contact in their agreement in a case where no one has claimed the items.

Late fees and other rent rules

There are no statute for rent increase notice according to 92.012, as well as returned check fees and withholding of rent by the tenant dues to failure of provision of essential services. The landlord is allowed to charge a reasonable amount as late fees.

The tenant is also allowed to make repairs and deduct rent, but that should not be more than one month’s rent or $500 and in which they are supposed to give prior notice to the landlord.

Termination and eviction rules

There is no statute for the eviction notice of violation of the lease. However, the Texas laws require at least one month notice to terminate the yearly lease as well as the monthly lease; however, the monthly lease notice can be as agreed in writing between the landlord and the tenant.

The Texas landlord-tenant laws are simple and easy to understand. Both parties should make a point of understanding what is required of them and act according to the requirements.