Free Texas Rental Application Form Download

The Texas rental application form is a legal document that is used by property owners and landlords to get information on their potential tenant for verification. The information given should be accurate to ensure that the reviewing process is smooth. The Texas rental application form should also follow the set state laws as they protect both the landlord and the tenant.

Steps to Fill the Texas Rental Application Form

How to fill the Texas rental application form

On top of the form, there is the date the form is received.  Occupants and co-occupants of over 18 years old should fill a separate form.

Property details

  • The property address
  • Anticipated move-in date, the monthly rent, and the security deposit.
  • Where the landlord got info from about the landlord

Personal details

  • Name of the applicant and if there is a co-occupant
  • applicant’s date of birth, email address, contact information, social security number, drivers license, marital status, height, weight, the color of the eyes, hair color, and citizenship.
  • Emergency contact name and contact information.
  • Name, age, and the relationship of other occupants in the premises.

Tenancy history

  • Applicant’s current address, name of the landlord, and contact information.
  • The rent paid, move in, and move out date and the reason for moving out.
  • Similar information is filled on the previous tenancy section.

Employment history

  • Applicant’s employer and address.
  • Supervisors name and their contact information.
  • Duration worked, position, and gross monthly income.
  • Similar information should be filled on the previous employment section.
  • Any other source of income.

Vehicles and pets

  • The vehicle type, year, model, make, and plate number.
  • The type or breed of pets, name, age, color, weight, and gender. The applicant should also list if they are neutered, declawed, or rabies shots current.

Other details

More information is given on:

  • waterbeds
  • Previous evictions
  • breaching rental agreement
  • bankruptcy
  • lost property in a foreclosure
  • had any credit problems, slow-pays or delinquencies
  • been convicted of a crime
  • Is any occupant a registered sex offender
  • Any criminal matters pending against any occupant
  • Additional information Applicant wants to be considered


  • The non-refundable fees amount submitted for reviewing the application.
  • Applicant’s signature and date.

Landlords section

  • The date, name, and contact information of the applicant and the approval or disapproval section market. In case of disapproval, a reason is given.

Authorization to release information related to a residential lease applicant

  • The name of the applicant and the address of the property to be rented.
  • The landlord, broker, or landlord’s name. address and contact information
  • A list of permissions given the signature and date of the applicant.

The Texas rental application form should contain accurate information for easier verification of the given information.