Free California Rental Lease Application – RW 11-5 Form Download

The California Rental Lease Application-RW 11-5 form is an essential tool when it comes to tenancy d a state-owned property. It is suitable for various types of properties such as residential, apartments, commercials, agriculture, and industrial among others.

The application form protects both the property a manager and the potential tenant. The applicant should provide detailed information and sign the form granting the landlord permission to evaluate the provided information.

According to by the California fair housing act, health and safety code, section 35700 and title VI of the 1964 civil rights Act,  the landlord should not discriminate the potential tenants based on their race, religion, color, marital status, sex, ancestry or national origin when renting or leasing a property.

Steps to Fill the California Rental Lease Application – RW 11-5 Form

  • Name and date of birth of all proposed occupants
  • The next section should have information on the first proposed occupant and second proposed occupant on separate sections.
  • Name, contact information, social security number and driver license number of the first proposed occupant.
  • Present, previous and next previous residence information on the landlord or property manager name, contact information, and duration of stay.
  • The present and prior employment history employer’s name, business address and phone number, name and title of the supervisor, employment duration, and the salary.
  • Financial institution name, address, and savings and checking accounts.
  • Financial obligation particulars like name, address and the amount paid.
  • Vehicles owned information from the make, model, year, license plate and the state.
  • Waterbeds information
  • Reason for moving out of the current residence.
  • Emergency contact name, address, contact information and the relationship to the proposed occupant.
  • Personal references particulars like the name, address, contact information, occupation and their length of acquaintance
  • Similar information should be filled with the second proposed occupant section.
  • Rental rates an applicant is interested in USD
  • Number of bedrooms required
  • Preferred location in terms of county and city.
  • Address state-owned properties interested in.
  • property type
  • date and signatures
  • Information Collection and Access section with the name, title, address, and contact information of the official responsible for information maintenance.

The California rental lease application- RW 11-5 Form allows potential tenants to acquire tenancy of state-owned properties through a legally binding contract which offers protection for both the tenant and the property manager.

Information provided by the proposed tenants enables the property managers to make informed choices on the suitable candidates.

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