Free Alaska Rental Application Form Download

The Alaska Rental Application allows the landlords to verify information of potential tenants such as credit history, background, income, employment status, and previous or current rental history. The landlord may charge a fee to carry out the services and provide feedback to the tenant within two or three days stating if they meet the required qualifications. The document ensures that all the tenants are treated fairly and per the Federal Fair Housing Act.

The landlord must comply with the Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (AS 34.03.10 – 34.03.360) which states that a landlord can charge the security deposit at most for two months’ rent unless it is more than $2000. With a proper notice from the tenant, the deposit should be returned within 14 days; otherwise, the landlord can take up to 30 days.

Steps to Fill the Alaska Rental Application Form

  • The date when filing the application form, anticipating moving in date as well as property address. Also, the monthly rent, security and pet deposit.
  • Applicant’s personal information which includes name, present address, contact information, social security number, driver’s license and date of birth.
  • Employment information such as the name of the present employer, monthly income, address, position, commencement date, the name of the supervisor and their contact information. Similar information is filled on the previous employer as well as other sources of income if applicable.
  • The applicant’s spouse information from personal information to employment information is done as the same as the applicant’s section.
  • Information on the present landlord or Mortgage Company such as the company name, contact information, mortgage payment or monthly rent as well as the move-in and out dates. Similar information about the previous landlord or Mortgage Company is also given.
  • The name and contact information of two personal references.
  • Emergency contact name, contact information and their relation to the applicant.
  • List of occupants in the premises.
  • List of pets, types, breed, weight and their age.
  • The number of vehicles to be parked at the premises, the model, make and the year.
  • The credit and criminal history as requested in the fields and which should be answered truthfully.
  • The signatures as well as date for the applicant, applicant’s spouse and the landlord’s r landlord’s agent respectively.

The rental application determines if the tenant is responsible and honest and will be able to pay rent on time as well as take care of the property. Once the landlord approves the application, a lease is created for signature. The keys and access to the property are given once all the initial deposits and rent is paid.

Alaska Landlord-Tenant Laws