Free New York Rental Application Form Download

The New York rental application form enables the landlords and property managers to assess potential applicants as tenants. Using the information given by the applicants, the landlord can determine whether one a viable tenant or not. The New York rental application form must be written in regards to the New York state laws.

Although New York does not have a limit on the deposit amount charged by the landlords, it is vital that the tenants check on the city and county laws as some of the rentals and apartments are rent stabilized or controlled.  According to N.Y. General Obligations Law § § 7-103 to 7-108, the landlord should pay interest for the non-regulated apartments

Steps to Fill the New York Rental Application Form

How to fill the New York rental application form

Applicant’s information

  • Name, gender, contact information, social security number, drivers license, and state.
  • Date of birth and marital status

Rental information

  • Present home address, landlords name, contact information, and monthly rent. The reason for moving should also be indicated.
  • Similar information is filled for the previous residence.

Employment information

  • The present occupation and the name of the employer and supervisor.
  • The contact information of the employer and the supervisor.
  • Current income after deductions, employment duration, and working hours.
  • Similar details are filled for previous employment.
  • A description of other sources of income which can either be child support, SSI, or food stamps.

Emergency contact

  • The name, phone number, addresses details of the emergency contact and relationship to the applicant.

Rental assistance

  • The rental assistant /subsidy type, voucher amount, and expiration date.
  • The case number, caseworkers, number ad their contact information.


Residency information

  • The number of people that will be living on the premises besides the application. The number of adults and children under 18 years should b indicated as well as their names, gender, date of birth, and relationship to the applicant.
  • Any person over 18 years is required to fill the separate application.

Additional information

  • The information filled in this section is on:
  • bankruptcy
  • eviction notice
  • refusal to pay rent
  • Sued for unlawful detainer
  • Conviction/ felony charges
  • Arrested or charged for drugs possession
  • A reference which can either be newspaper or realtor
  • Applicant’s signature and date alongside personal statement or remarks if any.

The New York rental application form helps the landlord to make wise decisions when assessing the tenants. The applicants are urged to fill accurate details as possible to smoothen the process.