Free Hawaii Sublease Agreement Download

The Hawaii sublease agreement is a legal document drawn between a landlord and a tenant, which if the landlord agrees in writing, the tenant becomes a sublessor. The tenant, however, remains responsible for the initial agreement between them and the landlord. The Hawaii sublease agreement should also follow the provisions of the agreement, as highlighted in the tenant/landlord laws in Hawaii.

Steps to Fill the Hawaii Sublease Agreement

It is essential for tenants to seek written permission from the landlord before subleasing the premises to avoid issues as well as protecting all the parties involved.

How to fill Hawaii sublease agreement


  • the beginning and the end of the tenancy period
  • the name of the sublessor and Sub lessee respectively


  • the address of the premises
  • the furnishing and appliances included
  • The restrictions of the premises
  • The parental agreement which is followed by the beginning and end dates as well as a signature.


  • The amount to be paid
  • the name of the one payable to
  • the due date of the rent
  • the address where the payments are to be sent
  • the description of the rental payments
  • Prorated first month’s rent For the period from Sublessee’s move-in date till the end

Sub-lease terms

  • Deposits
  • Security Deposit
  • Last Month’s Rent
  • Rent in advance
  • Pet Deposit
  • late charges and the amount to


The Sub lessee should tick where necessary on the following

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Heat
  • An addition of any other available utility should be described in the section that follows.

Other terms and conditions

The sections that follow deals with the following in details:

  • disclosures
  • Additional addendums
  • disclaimer
  • tenancy
  • time
  • lessors consent


The last section contains the signature, names, and dates of the;

  • Sublessor
  • Sub lessee
  • lessor (original landlord)

The Hawaii sublease agreement is a viable document once the landlord has given written permission, which allows the tenant to sublease the premises. The involved parties should understand the provisions of the agreement and follow them for a smooth tenancy. The sublessor should always take responsibility for the premises and adhere to the original agreement made between the tenant and the landlord initially.

Preview Hawaii Sublease Agreement


  1. TERM – This legal document (“Hereinafter referred to as “Sub-Lease Agreement”) to begin on                 and ending                 .

    Date Date

  2. SUBLESSOR, SUBLESSEE, AND LESSOR – This Sub-Lease Agreement is between                   (Hereinafter referred to as the “Lessor”),

    Print Name

                     (Hereinafter referred to as the “Sublessor”),

    Print Name

                     (Hereinafter referred to as the “Sublessee”)

    Print Name

  3. PREMISES – The Sublessor agrees to sublet the Premises located at

                            City of                 State of

    Street Address City

              Zip Code         (Hereinafter referred to as the “Premises”) to

    State Zip Code

    the Sublessee only for the purposes of residential use. The Sublessor agrees to include furnishings and appliances as described:


    Furnishings and Appliances

    If there are any common areas for use but which are shared between other Tenants or the Lessor, Sublessee shall have the every right to use said areas. If there are any restrictions on said common areas they are:


  4. PARENT AGREEMENT – Sublessor and Sublessee acknowledge that this agreement is contingent upon Sublessor’s lease agreement with Lessor (Hereinafter referred to as “Parent Agreement”) beginning                   and


    ending on                   signed on                   .

    Date Date

  5. RENT

    Sublessee shall pay rent to Lessor payable to in the monthly installments of

                             Dollars ($             )

    Amount $

    payable in the name of                                   .

    Payable to

    Payments are due on the      of every month (Hereinafter referred to as the “Due


    Date”) beginning                        . All rent payments shall be


    sent to                      City of           State of

    Street Address City

          Zip Code         or if there is another way the Lessor would like to

    State Zip Code

    receive rental payments it shall be described as follows:


    (if applicable) Prorated first month’s rent.

    For the period from Sublessee’s move-in date             , through the end

    Sublessee’s Move-in Date

    of the month, Sublessee will pay to Seblessor the prorated monthly rent of

    $                    .

    Prorated Rent Amount

    This amount will be paid on or before the date the Sublessee moves in.

  6. SUB-LEASE TERMS – Sublessee must comply with the terms and conditions of the Parent Agreement.

  7. DEPOSITS AND CHARGES In addition to Rent described above, the Sublessee shall pay the following to the items that apply:

    1. Deposits (check all that apply)

      • Security Deposit of $         . paid upon signing the Lease


      • Last Month’s Rent of $         . paid upon signing the Lease


      • Rent in advance of $         . paid upon signing the Lease


      • Pet Deposit of $         . paid upon signing the Lease


      • Other                            


        If the Sublessee has paid a deposit or an advancement of rent, the Lessor or Sublessor shall deposit the money in a separate interest bearing or non-interest bearing account for the benefit of the Sublessee. Furthermore, within        days after Sublessee has vacated the premises, returned keys, and provided Lessor with a forwarding address, Lessor will give Sublessee an itemized written statement of the reasons for, and the dollar amount of, any of the security deposit retained by the Sublessor, along with a check for any deposit balance.

    2. Late Charges – If Rent has not been paid in full to the Lessor by the Due Date as stated in Section V the Lessor has the right to either:

      (choose one option)

      • Charge Sublessee fee of $   , for every day after the Due Date.


      • Charge Sublessee fee of   % of the amount due, for every day after the Due



  8. UTILITIES Sublessee is responsible for the following utility charges:

    • Electricity

    • Water

    • Cable

    • Internet

    • Heat

    • Other                             


  9. DISCLOSURES – Sublessee agrees and acknowledges the disclosures attached to this agreement by filling in their initials below;

    • State of            required disclosures


      • Sublessee Rules and Regulations

      • Sublessee Checklist Upon Move-In

      • Other                            


  10. ADDITIONAL ADDENDUMS – If any Additional addendum(s) to this agreement, is described as:

    Additional Addendums

  11. DISCLAIMER – If one sentence, section, or portion of this Sublease Agreement is deemed to be invalid, it does not affect the terms of the rest of this document.

  12. TENANCY – If for any reason the Sublessee or Sublessee’s guest(s) fail to comply with this Sublease or Parent Agreement, or the Sublessee misrepresented themselves in this Sublease Agreement or on the Rental Application, the Sublessee may be found in violation of this Sublease Agreement and at the Lessor’s decision this document may become Void.

  13. TIME – Is of the essence.

  14. LESSOR’S CONSENT – I, the Lessor, hereby consent to this Sublease Agreement and agree to promptly notify Sublessor within 3 business days in writing if Sublessee is in breach of this Sublease Agreement. Nothing herein shall constitute a release of Sublessor, who shall remain bound by the terms of the Parent Lease. Nothing herein shall constitute consent to any further Sublease or assignment of the Parent Lease or this Sublease.

    In accordance with the law, prior to Lessor’s consent, Sublessor has informed Lessor of Sublessor’s intent to Sublease the Parent Lease by mailing a notice of such intent in the manner provided by law, accompanid by the following information.

    • The term of the Sublease

    • The name of Sublessee

    • The business and permanent address of Sublessee

    • Lessee’s reasons for Subleasing

    • Lessee’s address for the term of the Sublease

    • The written consent of any co-Lessee and Sublessee as being a true copy of the Sublease, to which a copy of the Parent Lease was attached.

    • The following additional information

    Additional Information

  15. AUTHORIZATION & WITNESS IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Sublessor and Sublessee agree to the terms and have executed and dated this Sublease Agreement below.

Sublessor: Sublessee:

___________________________ ___________________________

Sublessor’s Printed Name Sublessee’s Printed Name

___________________________ ___________________________

Sublessor’s Signature Sublessee’s Signature

_________________ _________________

Date Date



Lessor’s Printed Name