Free Arkansas Rental Application Form Download

The Arkansas Rental Application Form is essential as it helps the landlord to gather information and accurately evaluate potential tenants, especially on their financial capabilities to pay rent. The landlord can collect personal information, employment history, tenancy history and other essential information that gives them an insight into the proposed tenants. Arkansas states laws mandate the landlord to return the security deposit to the tenants within 60 days after moving out or termination according to Ark. Code Ann. §§18-16-303 to 18-16-305.

Steps to Fill the Arkansas Rental Application Form

  • The application has four main and significant sections which are personal information, employment history, tenancy history and other applicant information which is essential for evaluation. Information filled in the requested fields should be accurate as possible for faster processing. The following areas should be duly filled:
  • The property address and the monthly rent.
  • Personal information of the applicant which includes name, date of birth, contact information, social security number, email address and the name of a prospective guarantor if any. If not, the applicants should fill none on that field.
  • Tenancy history of the applicant which includes the present or previous tenancy address, monthly rent or mortgage payment and the lease term, the present landlord name and contact information. The applicant should indicate the reason for moving out. Similar information is filled on the previous residence field.
  • Employment history of the applicant which includes the name of the current employer, applicant’s position, work address, supervisors name, and contact information, and the work phone number. The applicant should also indicate the annual income base, provided bonus and the employment duration. Similar information should be filled on the previous employer section.

The Last Section Requires:

  • The applicant’s drivers license number, the state of issuance and the expiry date.
  • Bank details such as name, address, bank contact information, checking account number, savings account number, credit card types, and account number.
  • Other sources of income such as bonds, rentals, stocks among others and the annual income.
  • Business references, contact information and their relationship with the applicant.
  • Emergency contact name, phone number and their relationship with the applicant.
  • Applicant’s signature and date.

Information filled in Arkansas rental application template should be accurate, and misrepresentation or falsification of details is liable to denial of tenancy. The landlord should refund the holding deposit if the applicant cancels within the stipulated duration. Once the applicant signs the forms, he or she gives the landlord permission to verify the provided information for evaluation which can result in approval or denial of the tenancy.

Arkansas Landlord and Tenant Act