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Alaska Roommate Agreement

An Alaska Roommate Agreement is a document that enables a group of tenants renting the same residence to define guidelines and routines that are not outlined in the lease. The contract can be as specific or general as the roommates like. Most agreements will specify who is responsible for cleaning,

Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement

This Alaska Commercial Agreement Template is a legal binding contract between the landlord and the tenant solidifying an agreement for space where a business is to be conducted.  The landlord and the tenant should understand the laid out terms and uphold their responsibilities as per the agreement. The Alaska Commercial

Alaska Rental Application Form

Alaska Rental Application Form

The Alaska Rental Application allows the landlords to verify information of potential tenants such as credit history, background, income, employment status, and previous or current rental history. The landlord may charge a fee to carry out the services and provide feedback to the tenant within two or three days stating

Alaska Security Deposit and Return Policy

Alaska State Laws have deposit limits, and according to §§34.03.070(a), the landlord cannot charge more than two months rent unless in the cases where the monthly rent exceeds $2,000.

When it comes to returning the security deposit, the tenant should provide proper notice that complies with §§34.03.290 and the landlord should make the refunds within 14 days.

However, the landlord has 30 days to mail the notice and refund according to §§ 34.03.070(g) if the tenant does not provide the required notice and on time.

Required Disclosure for Alaska State

The disclosure states the duties of both the landlord and the tenant. AS 34.03.080 states the obligations of the landlord as ensuring there is the provision of name and contact information of the person authorized to manage the property and keeping the premises fit by repairing and maintain the required areas.

The tenants are required to keep the premises clean, manage plumbing issues, have obligations when it comes to trash, appliances, locks, smoke detectors, maintain a quiet and non-disruptive environment and leaving the property in the same condition they found it according to AS 34.03.120.

Late Fees and other Rent Rules

The Alaska State Laws regulate issues related to renting and give detailed information on what needs to be done.  According to §§34.03.020(c), the due rent is well stated in the lease and landlords must give a 30 days’ notice and the amount to the month to month tenancies before increasing the rent. Also, there are no late fees that can be enforced by the landlord legally, unless there is an agreement between the tenant and the landlord.

Section §§34.03.180 of the Alaska state laws allow the tenants to withhold rent for failure if the provision of essential amenities and also allowed to deduct the amount used on repairs when paying the rent.

Termination and Eviction Rules

Termination rules differ with tenancies.  The fixed end date requires no notice as the ease gets to expire. Section §§34.03.290(b) requires 30- day written notice before the rent due date for the month to month lease tenants and a 14 days’ notice for the week to week tenants according to section §§34.03.290(a).

The landlord has a right to give an unconditional eviction notice to the tenants if they do not oblige to the set tenant rules, have been involved in illegal activities, non-payment of utilities or caused damaged to the property. The eviction notice is effective between 24 hours to less than ten days.

Understanding the fundamental law of a state is crucial as it enables the landlord and the tenant to deal with legal questions and other matters without the help of a lawyer.  Both parties require in-depth research on the state laws and requirements needed before agreeing.