Free Washington Commercial Lease Agreement (Short Form) Download

Washington Commercial Lease Agreement is the form used when giving a property on rent in the Washington State. Washington Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal form, and it bears legal coverage by the Government. This commercial lease agreement form contains the descriptions about the landlord, the tenant, and the property. This lease agreement elaborates the terms and conditions to use this property. This lease agreement elaborates the rights and duties of the landlord and the tenant. This form safeguards the rights of the landlord and the tenant both.

Steps to Fill the Washington Commercial Lease Agreement (Short Form)

  • At the beginning, this lease agreement mentions the complete return address.

Indexing Information

  • The next column contains the indexing information, required by the Washington State Auditor or Recording office.
  • The lease agreement shows the name of the Grantor or owner, referred to as lessor. Space is available for two Grantors, and for more than two, the lessor will use a separate page and provide the page number.
  • This lease agreement shows the name of the Grantee or Lessee. You can give names of two lessees. If the lessees are more than two, a separate page will be attached, and page number will be specified here.
  • Space is available to give the abbreviated legal description. You can provide a detailed explanation, on a separate page, and mention the page number of such attachment.
  • There is a column to indicate the Assessor’s Property Tax Parcel Account number.

Premises Information and Lease Terms

  • This lease agreement illustrates the date of commencement of this agreement. The lease agreement provides the names and addresses of the landlord (Lessor), and the tenant (Lessee).
  • The name of the property (premises), to be given on lease, is mentioned. Exhibit B illustrates the full description of the premises. Exhibit A describes the legal description of the property.
  • The lease agreement specifies the period of the contract along with the starting and ending dates.
  • The lessee agrees to pay the rent to the lessor in advance on the 1st day of every month. The agreement describes the amount of monthly rent. The rent not paid within five days of the due date will result in the payment of service charges. The lease agreement mentions the service charges.
  • The lessor confirms that he has received the rent in advance, and mentions the amount.
  • The lessee will pay all utility bills. The charges or bills paid by the lessor will become part of the rent. The bill contains the details of such charges/bills.
  • The repairs and maintenance of the premises is the responsibility of the lessee.
  • If the lessee wants to place any signs or symbols on the premises, he will get written approval by the lessor.
  • In case the lessee wants to make repairs or alterations to the premises, he can do so after obtaining the written permission from the lessor. The lessee will remove such modifications, if the lessor requires so, on the completion of the agreement.
  • The lessee will not give this premises on lien instead of work performed, or any material obtained.
  • In case the lessee becomes insolvent, or on the appointment of a receiver or liquidation officer for lessee’s business, the lessor may cancel this agreement at his own.
  • The lessee will not sublet or sublease this premises without the lessor’s written approval. And such assignment will not release the lessee from the obligations of this lease agreement.
  • If the premises or its part becomes un-tenable by damages through calamities, the lessee will inform the lessor about this damage within 30 days of such disasters. The lesser will start the repair work and complete it within 180 days of such calamities.
  • If the lessor does not complete the repair work within 180 days, the lessee has the option to cancel this agreement by giving ten days written notice.
  • The rent for the period, the premises is rendered un-tenantable, will be reduced up to the extent the premises has become un-tenantable.
  • In case representative/s or worker/s of the lessee gets/get injured or lose his/their life/lives, the lessor will not be held responsible for such loss. The lessee will defend the lessor against such claims.
  • In case of a dispute between lessee and lessor, the losing party will pay the applicable court fees and attorney’s fees.
  • The lessor may charge interest @ 12% on the unpaid rent from the due date.
  • The lessee agrees to accept any mortgage or deed of trust entered upon by the lessor. The lessee will subordinate such mortgage or deed. The new owner may allow the lessee to continue this agreement if the lessee has not become insolvent or a defaulter.
  • If either party waives a breach of a clause of this agreement, it does not relinquish this clause or other clauses in future also.
  • This lease agreement is the comprehensive agreement, and there is nothing outside of this agreement. There is no amendments or alterations except that written in this agreement.
  • The lessee shall vacate the premises on the completion of this agreement. The lessee will make this premises neat and clean at his expenses before handing it to the lessor.
  • The legal heirs or representatives of the lessor and lessee are bound to execute this agreement.
  • The lease agreement shows the purpose of this lease, and lessee will not use this premises for any other purposes without lessor’s written permission.
  • If a party wants to serve a notice to the other party, she will send it on the addresses given in this agreement or the addresses provided by the parties from time to time. The party will send such notice through United States mail, and postage prepaid.
  • If there is a rider attached to this agreement, it will make part of the contract.
  • If a representative of the lessee or lessor is signing this agreement on behalf of the lessee or lessor, such representative is fully authorized to sign this agreement. In case the lessee or the lessor is a corporation, the board of directors of this corporation will approve this representative, and the corporation will provide a copy of the approval within 30 days of signing this agreement. nt.


  • In the end, the lessee and the lessor sign this lease agreement and will mention the name of County.

Signatures of The Notary Public

  • The Notary Public signs the agreement confirming that he has witnessed the ample proofs of the identities of the lessee and the lessor. The Notary Public also checks that both parties have voluntarily, and without any force, signed this agreement. The Notary Public also confirms that both parties have signed this agreement before him.
  • The Notary Public gives the date and the County name. He fixes his official seal and gives the expiry date of his commission.

In Case Of a Corporation

  • In case of a Corporation, the Notary Public confirms that he has witnessed sufficient proof of the representative and that this representative has confirmed on oath that he is fully authorized to sign this agreement. The Notary Public also affirms that the representative has signed this agreement before him.
  • The Notary Public signs, affix his official seal and gives the expiry date of his commission. The Notary Public gives the name of the State where he is a Notary Public.

Washington Chapter 62A.2A