Free Week to Week Rental Agreement Download

This is a basic week-to-week rental agreement designed for a residential dwelling. The tenant agrees to comply with local laws and ordinances, maintain the premises, and not to sublet the premises.

Steps to Fill the Week to Week Rental Agreement

  1. Enter the date.
  2. Enter the owner, landlord, or agent’s name.
  3. Enter the tenant’s name.
  4. Enter the address of the premises.
  5. Enter the beginning and ending date of the rental agreement.
  6. Enter the weekly rent amount.
  7. Indicate if kitchen equipment and bedding are provided to tenant.
  8. Indicate if any other household items are provided to tenant.
  9. Enter the amount of the cleaning deposit.

The tenant and the landlord or agent must sign and date this week-to-week rental agreement, which is enforceable per the laws and codes of the state of residence.