Free California Standard Commercial Single – Tenant Lease Agreement Download

The California Commercial Lease Agreement for a single tenant in a standard/industrial premises for a fixed term. This lease agreement covers the premises only. It has been created to adhere to Assembly Bill 2093 and California Civil Code § 1938.

Steps to Fill the California Standard Commercial Single – Tenant Lease Agreement

  1. Enter the date, the tenant’s name, and the landlord’s name.
  2. Enter the address and a description of the premises.
  3. Enter the lease term, the lease start date, and the lease end date.
  4. Enter any information about early possession of the premises.
  5. Enter the base monthly lease rate and indicate if there are any adjustments to be made.
  6. Indicate rent, security deposit, association fees, and other fees received at signing.
  7. Describe how the premises will be utilized.
  8. Tenant agrees to carry insurance.
  9. Enter information about brokers and brokers’ fees.
  10. Enter information about guarantor, if applicable.
  11. Indicate if any attachments or addenda are to be incorporated into this lease.
  12. If a guarantor is required, the guaranty form must be completed and signed.
  13. The tenant and the landlord must initial all pages of conditions and attach any exhibits or addenda.

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