Free California Commercial Lease Agreement – Gross Single Tenant Download

The California Commercial Lease Agreement for a single tenant in a commercial premises for a fixed term. The lease agreement incorporates payments for utilities and janitorial services, and the landlord assumes responsibility for maintenance and carrying costs. These are all included in the lease agreement.

Steps to Fill the California Commercial Lease Agreement – Gross Single Tenant

  1. Enter the date of the signing of the lease.
  2. Enter the name of the landlord, the name of the tenant, and the address of the premises.
  3. Indicate receipt and amount of security deposit, first month’s rent, and any additional fees.
  4. Check if any addenda are incorporated into the lease agreement.
  5. Indicate the term of the lease. The tenant will pay increased rent for a holdover. Indicate if this lease is a sublease.
  6. Indicate when the tenant is to take possession. If the premises cannot be delivered within ten days of the agreed-upon date, tenant may terminate the lease.
  7. Indicate the amount of rent and whether the rent is to be fixed or graduated.
  8. Indicate the CPI-adjusted rent rate rules in effect.
  9. Indicate how the rent is to be paid.
  10. Indicate late fees and returned check fees.
  11. Indicate utilities, service fees, and taxes to be paid by tenant and utilities, service fees, and taxes to be paid by landlord.
  12. Indicate the condition of the premises, what maintenance is to be done by tenant, and what maintenance is to be done by landlord.
  13. Indicate how the premises will be used. Tenant and landlord both agree to remain in compliance with rules, ordinances, and building codes.
  14. Tenant has the right to ingress, egress, and the use of the premises.
  15. Indicate conditions under which tenant is allowed to sublet the premises.
  16. Indicate conditions for signs, advertisements, alterations, and improvements.
  17. Tenant will provide landlord access for inspections and maintenance.
  18. Tenant will carry liability and fire insurance and will hold the landlord harmless.
  19. Tenant will subordinate the leasehold estate to appropriate new financing and will provide a tenant estoppel certificate as requested. The lease will terminate if the property is condemned under eminent domain.
  20. Waiver of one breach or acceptance of rent does not constitute waiver of other breaches.
  21. Attach schedule of leasing agent’s fees.
  22. Indicate any other conditions.

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