Free California Rental Lease Agreement Download

The California Rental Lease Agreement created pursuant to the California Civil Code § § 1925 to 1954.1; 1961 to 1995.340. It applies to private dwellings leased for residential use and can be used either for a fixed-term lease or a periodic tenancy agreement.

Steps to Fill the California Rental Lease Agreement

  1. Enter the owner’s name.
  2. Enter the names and ages of all residents.
  3. Enter the address of the premises.
  4. Enter the starting date of the rental period and indicate whether it is a fixed-term or periodic tenancy.
  5. Enter the amount of the monthly rent.
  6. Enter the amount of the security deposit.
  7. Indicate if the landlord will pay any utilities.
  8. Enter number of occupants.
  9. Indicate late charges and returned check fees.
  10. Tenant agrees that the premises are in good condition, agrees to certain restrictions, and agrees to respect quiet enjoyment and use.
  11. Tenants agree to be jointly and severally liable.
  12. Tenant agrees to care for and maintain the premises, and to provide access to landlord or agent for maintenance and pest control.
  13. Tenant agrees to observe parking rules and other community rules and regulations.
  14. Tenant agrees to maintain smoke detector and to clean at the end of tenancy.
  15. Tenant and landlord agree to arbitration, to waive the right to a jury trial, and that the prevailing party will recover legal costs.

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