Free Blank Rental Application Form Download

The Blank Rental Application Form is an important document that helps the landlord to get to know their potential tenants as well as uncover cases of red flags before letting the tenants into the property.  The landlord is entitled to a non-refundable processing or administrative fee.

The applicants should ensure they fill accurate information for excellent evaluation as well as faster processing of their application. The landlords or the property manager should, however, keep the given information confidential as the blank rental application template has sensitive information about the applicant.

Steps to Fill the Blank Rental Application Form

The information to be provided in the given field includes:

  • Applicant’ personal information from the name, date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license number.
  • Any names that the applicant has used in the past and their contact information.
  • The names, date of birth and relationship of other proposed occupants to the applicant.
  • Current, previous and prior residence information from address, city, state and zip, the last rent amount paid and the landlord’s name and contact information. There is also the reason for leaving, dates of residency, the status of the rent paid, moving out requests or notice and the utilities billed.
  • Current, previous and prior employment history from the name of the employer, address, employer’s contact information, occupation, the name of the supervisor, employment duration and the monthly gross income.
  • Bank name and the balance owed or deposit on a savings account, checking account, credit card, and auto loan.
  • Vehicles owned information from the make, model, year, color and the license plate of the applicants and the occupants.
  • References and emergency contacts address and contact information of the applicant’s doctor, lawyer, and relatives living elsewhere.
  • Genera; information on applicants and occupants smoking habits, late rent notice, bankruptcy, conviction, eviction notice, proposed stay duration, when the applicant can move in, reoccurring problems with the current landlord, pets information, reasons for moving out, list of verifiable sources of income, past lawsuit information, name and contact information of a person who would bail you out in case of financial difficulty and rent matters, and comments on negative facts if available.
  • How an applicant come to know about the apartments, email address and name and contact information of potential contacts.
  • Date and signature of the applicant.

It is imperative for a landlord to evaluate their potential tenants and ensure they fulfill all rental agreement obligations using the information given on the blank rental application template. After verifying the authenticity of the provided information, the landlord then allows for tenancy.

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