Free Commercial Rental Application Form Download

The Commercial Rental Application Form is prepared by the property manager or the landlord for potential commercial tenants to fill and get evaluated for tenancy.  The application form can be overwhelming because it has an added complexity of most commercial property.

The applicants should, however, ensure they provided accurate information which guarantees excellent and fast screening of the application.  The property managers or the landlord use the given information to verify on the creditworthiness of the business and also charges administration fees used to conduct the credit check.

Steps to Fill the Commercial Rental Application Form

  • Date of application
  • The applicant or leasing entity which should either is the name of the individual, partnership or corporation.
  • Current corporate headquarters and home address for partnership and individuals. P.O. Box should not be used here.
  • Detailed information corporate, state of incorporation and DBA. For the individuals and partnerships, there is the home phone number, state of partnership formation and the local phone number along with a full description of the intended use.
  • Current business landlord name and phone number.
  • Present business address, duration of operation, number of employees, number of parking space needed and overnight parking.
  • Bank reference, account number, contact name, and phone number.
  • A list of hazardous materials that will be on the premises and the approximate amount.
  • For the corporate and the general partner’s section, the applicant should tick appropriately on either then follows with the required details in the fields.
  • The name of the applicant, title, social security number, marital status, drivers license, and state. In the cases of a spouse, the applicant should fill their name and their social security number.
  • Current landlord or mortgage company name and contact information.
  • Current residence address, home phone and years at the residence.
  • For the individual’s section, similar details as those of the corporate and general partners should be filed accurately.
  • Upon completion, the principals, general partners, and individuals sign the form giving the landlord or property manager permission to verify the trade references. They provide a signature, name, title, and date of the signing.

Accurate information on the commercial rental application form makes it easier for the landlord or the property manager to screen and evaluate the creditworthiness of the business and make decisions on the tenancy.

Even with the complexity of the application form, the applicant should fill all the given fields accurately with the full background of the business.