Free Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form Download

The Arizona lead-based paint disclosure form is issued to the tenants and residential properties buyers by the landlords or property owners for all structures that were built before 1978. The lead-based paint was outlawed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (16 CFR 1303) during that time because of the dangers it posses when it chips especially to pregnant women, children and the tenants in general.

The landlord must comply with the Disclosure Rule EPA Section 1018 and hand over a well-filled form together with Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home pamphlet to all their tenants. The resale of a property mandates the homeowners and the listing brokers to comply with the Residential Resale Lead-Based Paint Hazard 1992 where they must declare lead-based paint and hazards in writing during the sale.

Steps to Fill the Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

The form has spaces and inputs that must be duly filled by involved parties such as a tenant, landlord, and an agent or property manager where necessary. It also has a selection of choices. The areas needed to be filled are:

  • Property address which should be detailed.
  • Landlord’s disclosure section A, where the landlord selects between choice A1 and A2. A1 indicates that the landlord is aware of the lead-based paint on the premises and A2 when they are unaware. After that, there are the landlord’s initials.
  • Section B disclosure with options B1 and B2 which indicates possession and handing over of the necessary records to the tenants or not respectively accompanied by the landlord’s initials.
  • Section C is the landlord’s initials signing the acknowledgment.
  • The tenant acknowledgment in section D and E indicates receipt of the disclosure as well as the EPA pamphlet.
  • The property manager or agent must sign in acknowledgment.
  • Certification of accuracy is signed and dated by the landlord, tenant, an agent, and property manager or leasing agent indicating the signatories have certified the provided information.

The Arizona lead-based disclosure form allows the exchange of information in regards to the lead-based paint properties for sale or lease that were built before 1978. It is, however, to understand that exemptions are depending on the lease period, renewal or extension of the lease as well as the government exceptions.

The landlord should ensure the tenant acknowledges the receipt of the disclosure form. All involved parties from the landlord, tenant, listing agent, listing agent to property manager must sign the form for it to be legal and valid.

Arizona Landlord Tenant Act