Free Crime-Free and Drug-Free Housing – Addendum to Lease Agreement Download

This is a lease addendum that can be added to an existing lease and enforced as part of the lease. It pertains specifically to criminal acts and controlled substances under Section 102 of the Controlled Substance Act [21 U.S.C. 802]). The tenant promises that no residents or guests will engage in drug-related or other illegal activity on or off the premises. This addendum will be incorporated into the existing lease and will be enforceable per state laws and ordinances.

Steps to Fill the Crime-Free and Drug-Free Housing – Addendum to Lease Agreement

  1. All residents must sign the addendum.
  2. The signatures must be dated.
  3. The owner, landlord, or agent must also sign the addendum.

By signing this addendum, the tenant acknowledges that even a single violation will be a material breach of the lease and thus grounds for termination of the lease and possible eviction. This addendum will become part of the existing lease and can be enforced according to the laws and codes of the state of residence.

Federal Law