Free Renew or Extend Lease Agreement -Addendum to Lease Agreement Download

This is a lease renewal or extension that can be added onto an existing lease. If the tenant and landlord or agent agree on the terms, it will extend the existing lease with the same terms and conditions and will be enforceable per the laws, codes, and housing authority of the state of residence.

Steps to Fill the Renew or Extend Lease Agreement -Addendum to Lease Agreement

  1. Enter the owner, landlord, or agent’s name.
  2. Enter the tenant’s name.
  3. Enter the address of the leased premises.
  4. Enter the date of the original lease.
  5. Indicate the number of months that the lease is to be extended, the date that the lease extension begins, and the new lease termination date.
  6. Indicate when the new rent price will become effective and enter the new rent amount.
  7. Indicate any new terms and conditions.

All residents and the owner, landlord, or agent must sign and date this addendum for it to be effective. This addendum will renew or extend the existing lease and can be enforced according to state and local law.